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Engine Management
Mobiletron designs and manufactures advanced Engine Management Systems that help vehicle manufacturers meet current and planned emission standards around the world. In addition, our Engine Management Systems are designed to meet customer demands for enhanced engine performance, power and torque.

Our Engine Management Systems range conforms to global manufacturing standards and is renowned for reliability and consistency.

Our 30+ years of manufacturing experience has allowed us to contribute to the development of aftermarket products as well as producing ignition systems for some of the top vehicle manufacturers around the world.
Charging Systems
Mobiletron specialises in designing and manufacturing Vehicle Charging Systems and within our component portfolio, we can supply:

‧ Diodes ‧ Voltage Regulators
‧ Rectifiers ‧ Diode Trios

All Mobiletron Vehicle Charging System products have been developed as a result of sourcing and obtaining the best raw materials and sub-components. We have invested extensively in research, development and the manufacture of systems that can withstand the most rigorous long-term use.
OE Replacement TPMS (Universal Programmable Type)
In addition to the Direct-Fit TPMS sensors, Mobiletron hereby launch the latest universal TPMS sensor (MORE SENSOR) which contains the full range of functionality as Original products. With our universal TPMS sensor (MORE SENSOR), you will discover the below advantages:
* 2 Sensors cover more than 90% coverage
* Easy to program with Mobiletron tool
* ID-clone function to save the time
* Follow OE relearn procedure
* 2 SKU reduce your storage cost
OE Replacement TPMS (Direct-Fit Type)
Due to the new legislation in EU and USA, there are natural requirements to maintain, repair and service TPMS sensors.

Mobiletron TPMS sensors can meet plenty of applications in USA and Europe. We provide a complete coverage for a broad range of vans, cars, SUVs, etc.

With Direct-fit design and follow OE re-learn procedure, our TPMS can work with all major TPMS scan tools, such as ATEQ, Bartec and OTC etc. There is no requirement for sensor programming and tools equipped. Mobiletron brings the simple, quick and time-saving solutions for your TPMS service.

All our TPMS sensors are manufactured to ISO, SAE and GB standards. We currently manufacture for the O.E. market in China and supply to the global aftermarket.
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